Senior Spotlight Q&A w/ Charles Balsamo from Chaminade High School

This week, Back Of The CAGE caught up with the #4 ranked senior on Long Island and from Chaminade High School, Charles Balsamo for our weekly Senior Spotlight series interviewing a new senior each week.

Charles Balsamo, has proven himself playing as an Attack, Midfielder in Chaminade HS and now has chosen to serve Duke University. Let's see what he has to say in our weekly Senior Spotlights Q&A series.

Q&A w/ Charles Balsamo

BOTC: What is your favorite saying from your Coach Jack?  
Charles Balsamo: Coach Moran preaches the phrase, “get comfortable being uncomfortable”. From the first practice to the championship game, Coach drills this phrase into each player, as a constant reminder throughout the season. Coach Moran wants us players to be used to every situation and to not shy away from any obstacle we face. I personally like the message behind this idea because it forces us players to simulate tough situations, so when the time comes we are prepared when it counts.

BOTC: How much extra motivation (if any) does it give to you personally and to your teammates in the short amount of time that you guys have been practicing together?
CB: My teammates and I are highly motivated to compete one game at a time, and develop towards winning the Catholic League Championship.

BOTC: How much more will you treasure this season as this will be the last time that you will be playing high school lacrosse before going on to play at the collegiate level?
CB: Though this is the finale of my high school career, I will treasure this season just as much as any other season. The motivation and desire to achieve the goals I have set in place remains the same, both individually and collectively as a team.

BOTC: What made you choose to attend Duke University and what other colleges were you considering?
CB: My decision to attend Duke University was based on the institution’s academic excellence, the powerhouse lacrosse/athletic program, the All-American student body and the outstanding alumni network. The principles that define the lacrosse program are principles that I truly believe in and I live by. I am extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity, by Coach Danowski, to be a member of the Duke Lacrosse Program. My other final choices were Penn, Princeton and Yale.

BOTC: Are you superstitious and do you have any pre-game rituals?
CB: Before games I make sure that myself and my teammates are mentally prepared to do whatever it takes to win the game. Otherwise, I get prepared in an organized and focused manner.

BOTC: What's on your playlist before games?
CB: Some of my favorite Future songs.

BOTC: Aside from the trainings, what are other hobbies you usually like to-do?
CB: I enjoy playing golf, surfing, and watching Formula 1 racing. I enjoy spending my free time in East Hampton and NYC.

Rapid Fire Q & A's:  
  • Favorite Food & Drink? Rao’s meatballs and Acqua Panna water.
  • Favorite Color? Black.
  • Favorite Movie? 007 - Casino Royale.
  • Favorite Sports Team? Mercedes- AMG Petronas F1 Team.
  • Favorite Athlete? Michael Jordan.
  • Favorite Season? Summer.

See some of Charles's career athletic accomplishments: 2021: Project Nine Attack Co-MVP, Committed Combine Co-MVP, National High School Lacrosse Showcase All-Star U.S.A. Lacrosse Academic All-America, U.S.A. Lacrosse U-15 National Team, National Lacrosse Federation # 7 Ranked Player Nationally, Long Island Express Co-Captain, National Lacrosse Federation National Championship Team, North American Lacrosse Championship Team, World Series Youth Lacrosse Championship Team, New York State Championship Soccer Team [Chaminade].

Written By: Jes Ilagan
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