Senior Spotlight Q&A w/Maddigan Miller from Bayport Blue Point High School

This week, Back Of The CAGE caught up with the #4 ranked senior on Long Island and the 20th Ranked Recruit in the Country from Bayport Blue Point High School, Maddigan Miller for our weekly Senior Spotlight series interviewing a new senior each week.

Maddigan Miller is a very motivated multi-position lacrosse athlete, that has a proven track of great achievements. She has chosen Stanford University because she felt something inside her that Stanford and Danielle, the Stanford coach, we're a perfect fit to mold the rest of her life. Let's see what else she'll achieve in her college years.

Q&A w/ Maddigan Miller

Back Of The CAGE (BOTC): When you found out last year that the season was going to be canceled, what was your initial reaction and how did you deal with it and keep your spirits up?  
Maddigan Miller (MM): My first thought immediately went to my older teammates. My heart broke for them first. We had a dream team ready to go and win the states. To deal with that the team would continue to hang out throughout the summer which was awesome. We would have car hangouts, bike rides, and bonfires together. My second reaction was that the world was handling it wrong mentally. The only thing we could control was our attitude. So to deal with that I just started using all the free time I had to benefit myself; getting training, working out.

BOTC: What is your favorite saying from your Coach Rose?  
MM: Coach Rose “ everybody just do your job! do your job and that makes your teammates job easier.”

BOTC: Having missed out on playing last year, how much extra motivation (if any) does it give to you personally and to your teammates in the short amount of time that you guys have been practicing together?
MM: From the first tournament in a spooky nook when we beat Macdonough right up until this weekend we know that any game could be our last game after what happened last year. We take nothing for granted including being able to play. Before all you had to worry about was an injury but now if somebody has a positive test your season could be over so make today count. We only have today my high school buddies and teammates will be lifelong buddies and teammates.

BOTC: Although you missed last season, how much more will you treasure this season as this will be the last time that you will be playing high school lacrosse before going on to play at the collegiate level?

BOTC: What made you choose to attend the Stanford University, and what other colleges were you considering?
MM:: I was looking into Duke, USC, Penn State, Florida, Yale and Michigan. Duke was a very hard phone call because I love the coach and the school but something inside told me that Stanford and Danielle, the Stanford coach, were a perfect fit to mold the rest of my life

BOTC: Are you superstitious and do you have any pre-game rituals?
MM: I do have a routine before games. On game days my cousins and I get coffee before school. Then I usually get my hair braided with the team outside of the locker room right before warmups, and another senior on our team, Alex Fusco blesses me with holy water. But what I like most is when my dad sends me motivational videos and then specific text messages regarding the game that day and how they play and which players to Key on.

BOTC: What's on your playlist before games?
MM: “Power” is a team song that we put on 15 min before game time when we start 7v 7 and that’s when everyone knows it time to turn up and get excited.

Rapid Fire Q & A's:  
[*]Favorite Food? Sushi
[*]Favorite Movie? Blind Side or American Snipper
[*]Favorite Sports Team? Knicks
[*]Favorite Athletes? Kerrigan Miller

See some of Maddigan's career athletic accomplishments below:
Individual Lacrosse Honors:
2021 Bayport Blue Point Female Athlete of the Year Award
2021 BBP Gold Key Award, Tri-Sport Athlete Award
2021 BBP Youth Lacrosse Character and Excellence Award
2021 USA Lacrosse High School Girls’ Northeast Player of the Week (May 26, 2021)
2021 Under Armour Senior game 2nd Wave invitee
2021 Newsday Long Island Top 100 Girls lacrosse player
2021 LI Lax Journal Epoch Spring Season 2021 MVP
2021 Inside Lacrosse high school ranking #20
2021 Under Armour 2021 Midfield Senior Selection
2021 ILWomen Indoor National Championship high school division standout player
2020 Under Armour Long Island Highlight All-Tournament Team
2020 LILJ’s 21 Female Players to watch for the 2021 Season
2020 Newsday Top 100 Girls Lacrosse players
2020 Pre-Season All ILWomen High School Team, Honorable Mention
2020 FLG ranking 15 from top 100 Long Island girls High School lacrosse players
2019 Lacrosse Magazine All - American 2021 Girls lacrosse
2019 FLG Long Island Top 50 Phenom’s from the class of 2021 ranked 3rd
2019 BOTC Way-To-Early Top 50 Long Island Players
2019 US National Team Development Program Combine Champion
2019 WPLL Futures National Championship Summit Selection
2019 USA National Developmental team Combine Selection
2019 FLG All Long Island 1st team
2019 Bayport Blue Point HS Unsung Hero Award
2019 US Lacrosse Long Island Metro School Girls Team 1
2019 LILJ The Super Sophs Girls Mid-Season rated #1
2019 Duke Camp Champions
2018 Igloo Elite 80 player who impressed
2018 Under Armour Long Island Command All-Tournament Team
2018 US Lacrosse Long Island Metro School Girls Team 1
2017 Under Armour 150 All-Star Tournament Team
2017 Boston College “King of the Hill” Champion
2016 Nike Elite 120 First round selection
2014 Pride of Long Island Showcase (youngest player selected)

US Lacrosse Honors:
2019 USA Select U17 Team member
2019 US Lacrosse Schoolgirls National Tournament Runner-Up
2018 US Lacrosse Schoolgirls National Tournament Champion
2017 US Lacrosse U14 National Champion
2016 US Lacrosse U13 National Champion

Club Lacrosse Participation:
Long Island Elite Lacrosse Club/Yellow Jackets - 2021 BLUE TEAM (Rose)
Starting Midfielder/Attack / Draw Specialist
2018: Champions - Mid Atlantic Summer Club Championships, Maryland
2017: Champions - US Lacrosse U14 Girls National Tournament, Virginia
2017: Champions - National Draw Tournament, Marlton, NJ
2016: Champions - US Lacrosse U13 Girls National Tournament, Westfield, Ind.
2016: Champions - Long Island All-American Games (Suffolk Champions) Farmingdale, NY
2016: Champions - Lax by the Sea Tournament, New Egypt, NJ
2016: Champions - Babylon Lax Blast Tournament, Babylon, NY
2015: Champions - Towson Team Gauntlet Camp Champs, Towson, MD
2015: Champions - Babylon Lax Blast Tournament, Babylon, NY
2015: Champions - Lax by the Sea Tournament, New Egypt, NJ
2015: Champions - National Draw Tournament, Marlton, NJ
2015: Champions - Lax For The Cure Tournament, New Egypt, NJ

High School Statistics:
2020-2021 Suffolk Zone Chapter awardee
2020 No Varsity Season Covid-19
2019 Varsity Statistics (Goals -27 Assists 8) Long Island Class C County Champions
2018 Varsity Statistics (Goals - 7 Assists - 9 played Attack)
2017 Varsity (played Defense as an 8th grader)

Other High School Sports & Honors:
2021 Suffolk County Girls Soccer All-County Honors
2020 Varsity Basketball All-County Honors
2019 Varsity Basketball preseason player to watch
2019 6:18 mile, best of all grades (girls) BBP High school
2019 Varsity Basketball All-League Honors
2018 Varsity Soccer
2018 Varsity Basketball
2019, 2018 Excellence in Physical Education Award
2017 Golden Sneaker Athlete school award given to 1 female 1 male student-athlete
2016 played JV soccer as an 8th grader
2016 played JV Basketball as an 8th grader

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