Senior Spotlight Q&A with Isabelle Smith, the All-American with the "Mamba" Mentality from WHB

During Belle's busy week as her basketball team has advanced in the playoffs, Back Of The CAGE caught up with the #1 ranked senior on Long Island and the returning 2x All-American & 2x 1st Team All State Selection from Westhampton Beach High School, Isabelle "Hurricane" Smith for our weekly Senior Spotlight series interviewing a new senior each week.

The Boston College signee and 6-year varsity starter who made an impact immediately being called upon on Varsity in 7th grade, has put in the blood, sweat, and tears to what she has become today - the top ranked midfielder in the country. Smith is the do-it-all type midfielder who can not only manufacture goals in which she now has 238 career goals in addition to being a facilitator with her 'team' first mentality dishin' out 111 career assists for 349 career points, she is also the top defender and draw specialist on the team.

Belle has won won the FIL Word Championship as only one of two juniors in the entire country on the U-19 National Team and has a resume players dream of having yet she is not complacent with her career, always striving for excellence not only for herself but for her entire team. Everything she has put her mind to with goals she created for herself, they have came into fruition so if I were a better man, I would bet the house that Isabelle can accomplish anything she wants. Among some of her goals, she has her mind set on winning a National Championship at Boston College but prior, she is ambitious to capture a County Championship in Basketball. Being the first player to become an All-American (not just once) at WHB and to etch her place in history with reaching 300+ career points also the first player from WHB to achieve this remarkable achievement, I wouldn't put past Smith capturing a title with her at the helm and the complimentary pieces around her to make a deep run into the playoffs this lacrosse senior. See below to get a closer look at the mega, multi-athlete star and champ.

Q&A w/ Isabelle Smith

Back Of The CAGE (BOTC): Typically in sports, playing for your Country is often regarded as the pinnacle of one’s career. After earning that remarkable achievement representing Team USA this past summer and helping the team to win the World Championship, where would you rank that on your young, impressive resume?
Isabelle Smith (IS): Being on team USA is an obvious #1 in the rankings for me. The opportunity to play for your country is beyond what I could ever imagine. To be apart of such an amazing global event, representing USA is a highlight of my career.

BOTC: There have been a few articles that I've read where you have set a couple of goals for yourself and achieved them such as making the USA U-19 National Team and recording 1500 career points in Basketball. Where does your competitiveness and that "mamba" mentality come from and are there any goals that you have made for 2020?
(IS): The "mamba" mentality is all about maximizing God given talents. My competitiveness and drive to be the best I can be started with an innate desire within me. Something happens to me when I step on the field or court. I want to be the best and make everyone around me their best as well. My immediate goal is to win the County Championship in basketball. We expect to be the #1 seed going into playoffs. A long term goal is to win a national championship at BC.

BOTC: What is your most memorable moment thus far in your career?
(IS): After the 10 month grueling USA tryout process, I was sitting in my car last June in the school parking lot WAITING. I knew my teammates were getting calls about whether or not they made the team. I've never been so anxious. After waiting and praying... and waiting and praying... my phone rang. Best call ever!

BOTC: As arguably the best lacrosse player in the country, why did you choose to play lacrosse for Boston College out of all of the choices that you had?
(IS): I remember the first time I went to a BC clinic. I was a 7th grader and I don't think the coaches noticed me. In the car on the way home, I looked at my parents and just said "I going here." Fast forward five years later. Last week at that same clinic, I left with the same feeling I had the first time. Boston College is special. It feels like home. I love every aspect the school offers. The people, academics, athletics, faith, coaches, team and Boston itself, are the best. It's where I belong.

BOTC: Being a multi-sport star excelling in Volleyball earning All State 3 years in a row and being named All County for the 3rd third time in Basketball, did you ever consider playing another sport in college alongside lacrosse?
(IS): I toyed with the idea of playing another sport only because my coaches always talked to me about it. It was flattering that my coaches believed in me but I want to dedicate myself to one team. At the end of the day, I'm not just an athlete. I like a lot of things in life and I want to enjoy the full college experience.

BOTC: What is your favorite quote or saying from Coach Mary Bergmann?
(IS): "We before me."

BOTC: Are you superstitious and do you have any pregame rituals?
(IS): I don't have any special superstitions/pregame rituals but I do always retie my shoes right before the opening draw.

BOTC: What’s on your playlist before games?
(IS): Before a big game I listen to "Carry Me Through" by Dave Barns.

Rapid Fire Q & A's:

  • Favorite Food? Wings
  • Favorite Movie? How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
  • Favorite Sports Team? Patriots San Diego Chargers
  • Favorite Athlete? Tom Brady

List of Isabelle Smith's Athletic Accomplishments:
Lacrosse: 238 Career Goals/111 Career Assists/349 career Points, 6x Varsity Starter (7th-12th Grade), 2x All-American, 2nd Team All Back Of The Cage (2019), #1 Ranked Senior by BOTC (2019), #1 Ranked Midfielder by IL (Class of 2020), All County since 8th Grade, 1st Team Newsday All Long Island (2019), 2nd Team Newsday All Long Island (2018), Team USA U-19 Team Player, WBH 1st All-American, WHB 1st Player to reach 300 Career Points
Volleyball: 3x All State, 4x Defensive Player of the Year, 4x All County, 2x Suffolk “Super 7”, 1st Team Newsday All Long Island (2019), Under Armor All Region Team, 2000+ Career Digs
Basketball: 4x All County, 1600+ Career Points Milestone

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