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How do you know that every penny goes back to the yellow jackets kids????Just saying????
You don't. Quite frankly, it is not your concern or my concern.

However, BOTC trusts a successful business partner to us implicitly and totally on financial matters. There is nothing, repeat nothing, in evidence at any level supporting your question.

Just answered. Period.

Its so funny, this lacrosse hater...just saying. I sincerely hope that you go and play elsewhere. No one if forcing your child to play for this organization (although it is the best) and if your club team enters this, or any other tourney that you feel may be making too much money! then tell your coaches you do not want to play there. You sound like a spiteful child trying to muddy waters.

The yJ has to pay for fields, coaches, hotels for coaches, hotels for their directors, advertising and a million other things that we don't know about. Again, its like a tv program you don't want to watch, if you are unhappy go change the channel, but don't feel like you are educating other parents out there. You are not. Everything is spelled out on their website, Club costs and tourney fees. Just saying...

if your complaining about the cost to run the tourny...why do it?? bottom line your making money so stop bitching. real credibility goes to tourny's that donate to a real cause, like cancer, starving children in somolia..why not give it to them and you will have a real large tourny and people may just start having some respect for you.!!