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There were signs posted all over the front gate letting you know what charities the Yellow Jackets generously donate to...I am assuming that you were not even there and did not see the multitude of signs...wish this site was not anonymous posting and you maybe have the courage to come forward and let everyone know who you are spreading all these malicious lies...the cost of the tourney is not 70 pp either. Please before you post get your facts straight. The LI Elite Showcase
raises money for charity and to cover tourney expenses. You have no clue about the LI Elite Lacrosse Club.

this is funny...last year i was told at the front gate it was a admin fee and had to pay. when a grandfather asked why and pushed for a real reason, then he was told it was for the YJ org. everyone, who heard this converstion was pissed and asked for the $$ back and then the gatekeepers quickly left their post.