Thoughts on adding 4 more Forum Sections for the 1) Midwest, 2) West Coast, 3) New England Region & 4) Down South Forum Sections OR Have 1 Forum Section for National Lacrosse with Threads for Each Region?

BOTC is conducting a survey to see if we should add these other regions as separate Forums or Lumped as one so if you all can give us your honest opinion, that would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to service everyone and with lacrosse growing rapidly in these other markets, we think it would be good for everyone to interact across all of the forums especially since that they travel to the East Coast to play the teams in the markets that we get great support from but your opinions matter. Thank you

4 Separate New Forums or 1 Nationwide Forum
multiple choice, up to 1 choices
New England, Midwest, Down South & West Coast Forums
57%, 4 Votes
1 National Forum With Threads For Each Region
43%, 3 Votes
Total Votes: 7
Voting on this poll ends: 10/08/18 05:00 PM