Denver senior Trevor Baptiste is poised to finish his college career as the best face-off specialist of all-time. Along the way, he'll try to win a second NCAA championship with the Pioneers. More than just his success, his persona, thoughtfulness and durability have made him an asset to his team and to college lacrosse at large. Above, he provides a glimpse into the mindset that makes him so special.

Below, check out how close he is to being the best face-off specialist of all-time.

Career Face-Off Wins

1,117: Kevin Massa, Bryant '15
1,027: Alex Smith, Delaware '07
879: Trevor Baptiste, Denver '18
Barring injury, Baptiste is nearly a lock to set the all-time face-off wins record — he needs 238 wins to pass Kevin Massa, and he's averaged 293 over his first three seasons.

Career Face-Off Win Percentage

70.7%: Steve Shaw, Delaware '86
70.5%: Trevor Baptiste, Denver '18
70.1%: Mark Goers, Towson '95
69.2%: Alex Smith, Delaware '07
68.2%: Kevin Massa, Bryant '15
Based on the rate of increase in his win percentage during the first three seasons he's spent in DI, it's reasonable to expect Baptiste to approach winning 77% of his face-offs this year. So, he's also nearly a lock to end his career with the highest winning percentage of all time.

Career Groundballs

753: Kevin Massa, Bryant '15
553: Alex Smith, Delaware '07
541: Steve Shaw, Delaware '86
499: Kyle Rowe, Stony Brook/Duke '17
481: Trevor Baptiste, Denver '18
Passing Massa to set the all-time groundballs record, however, is a long shot — he needs 272 GBs. Baptiste finished last season with 178, the best of his career, and part of what will ensure his winning percentage is the superior groundballs play of wings like longstick Sean Mayle and shortstick Danny Logan, so it's hard to imagine Baptiste averaging the roughly 14 groundballs per game that'd be necessary to set the record. No. 2 is nearly a lock, though.

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