The annual rules exams offered for men’s and women’s lacrosse officials for both the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules and the US Lacrosse youth rules are now available online.

We’ve made some improvements to the design of the tests to really help ensure that the officials have a firm understanding of the rules,” said Charlie Obermayer, senior manager of officials’ development for US Lacrosse.

The new design expands the test beyond multiple-choice answers to include matching options for designated questions, and utilizes both diagrams and video in the questions.

Passing the test annually with a score of at least 85 percent is required for officials to be certified as an official by US Lacrosse. The only way to insure that grades are accurately recorded for officials seeking certification is to take the test online through the US Lacrosse Learning Management Portal.

The tests are designed for men's and women’s game officials, but are accessible for any US Lacrosse member seeking to improve their knowledge of the rules.

US Lacrosse offers online tests based on rules for NFHS Boys and Girls Rules and US Lacrosse Boys and Girls Youth Rules. US Lacrosse member officials may take any or all of these tests.

In order to be certified as an official annually with US Lacrosse, all officials must pass the NFHS Boys and/or Girls Rules Exam with an 85%.
  • 85% will be the passing score for every official at every level.
  • Everyone gets two chances to get each question correct.
  • If you fail the exam, you get endless options to retake the exam.
  • Once you achieve a passing score of 85% or above, you no longer get to retake the test but you can review the correct and incorrect answers.

All officials are reminded it is best to take the test on paper, and then log into the exam to enter their answers. You can access PDF versions of the exam once you access the exam you need to take using the directions below.

Accessing the Exams
1. Login at
2. Click on "Catalog"
3. Click on "Officiating Courses"
4. Click "Add to Cart"
5. Proceed to your cart and once completed you will be able to access the exam under "My Courses"


These tests are provided to men's and women’s game officials as a US Lacrosse member benefit. The only way to insure that your test grade is accurately recorded is to take the test online. Other organizations utilizing this or any questions contained within these tests to fulfill a requirement of their organization, outside of the US Lacrosse e-Learning platform, must have express written permission, may not charge a fee for the test, and understand that they are using the intellectual property of US Lacrosse.