US Lacrosse has announced several upgrades to its insurance program that will benefit individual members as well as leagues and clubs affiliated with US Lacrosse.

"We're very excited to present these upgrades to our members," said Mark Hogan, vice president of brand marketing and membership for US Lacrosse. "We've always had a robust insurance program to offer to the lacrosse community and these new features enhance that benefit."

The new benefits for 2018:

  • Increased the liability limit for individual members, leagues and teams by $1 million to a total of $3 million
  • Reduced the basic accident deductible for youth and high school players from $1,000 to $500
  • Offered a new online cyber liability program for lacrosse teams, leagues, associations, chapters and officials/coaches association. The policy is designed to provide protection for organizations from a range of threats and incidents relating to a cyber breach event.

The US Lacrosse Member Insurance Program provides Excess Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance to all members while participating in covered amateur lacrosse activities. The Insurance Program has been developed by the US Lacrosse Insurance/Risk Management Committee to establish high quality insurance standards for the sport and to provide protection to all registered members during the term of their membership.