The National Lacrosse League (NLL) has announced rule changes for the upcoming 2017 NLL season. One of the most noticeable changes this season will be the addition of another official to the field for all NLL games. There will now be four officials presiding over every game, three of whom will be in the field of play.

"With our rule changes over the last couple seasons and our players continuously raising the bar of their athleticism, a three man on-floor officiating crew lends itself for much better floor and vision coverage and results in an overall better performance by the officiating crew," said Brian Lemon, VP of Lacrosse Operations.

Also new for 2017 is the language for Rule 70 (Illegal Body Check Rule), which has been amended to prevent substantial contact to players in a defenseless position.

"Player safety continues to be a major focus for the Competition Committee every off season when we review our rules. This year we added additional language to rule 70, Illegal Body Checking, to prevent significant contact on players who are in vulnerable and defenseless positions when picking up a loose ball or receiving a pass, for example," Lemon added. "Our rules reflect the desire to maintain the fast-paced action with physical, legal contact that continues to be entertaining for our fans."