Here is what the GSS flyer says: The training camp/tryout will be split into two hours of training plus three games, with coaching designed to prepare players for the GSS. Players will be evaluated on their ability to incorporate the concepts (motion offense and team defense) into the training and game play.
IVITE ONLY 50 Players per grade – 2 teams (12A, 14D, 18M, 2FOF, 4G)
- Two coaches/evaluators (from different clubs) per grade level
- Master Coach/Evaluator leads training and selection process for two grades at each tryout
- Master Coach will be from out of region
- Team Evaluators & Master Coach will select the team
- The best 24 players per grade with be selected to represent their state (5A, 7D, 1 FOGO, 2G)
- Price: $200
I hate to bring this up (someone will), but since it’s grade based, areas known for holdbacks will have a distinct advantage. (Top 8th graders effectively playing top 7th grade team.) Also, final teams traveling to Lehigh won’t necessarily be the ‘most elite’ players . . . but the wealthiest elite that can afford all the associated costs (airfare, lodging, tryout fee, final team fee, etc. easily totaling $2.5K plus for those in the West).