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Their a year older. Their website says 2019 Tryout, looking for 9th grade and exceptional 8th graders. They clearly define what reclassing means to them. Taking your PG year "now" and playing in your PG grad year...NOW! wth. Not making it up its on their site! Their not tough, their not, their a year older beating up on younger kids, real tough.
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Edge are a bunch of thugs whose behavior is better suited to a hockey team. I wish tournament organizers in the US would tell them to stay home.

They play tough because they are more exposed to box lacrosse. Nothing "thuggery" about that. If the refs don't call the fouls, then they must not be fouls. Personally, I like their toughness.
Stick skill wise they have finesse, on defense I will admit they lack composure. That doesn't mean they shouldn't get an invite.

I see what you are saying. And I don't believe in stacking rosters. That's not right and it's dangerous.

US Lax....where are you?!! All it takes is some clear definitions. Put out requirements to tourney leaders, etc.

Picture ID with birth dates. Line the kids up before every game and then let them play.

The sport of Lacrosse is begging for this. If US Lax did this, the CLA would follow.