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This may sound like a trivial question. But I would like to ask anyway. Regarding the athlete questionnaire that the school asks you fill out on their website, should we submit a partial form if we are missing some information like SATs? There is no way to go back and edit the form after it is submitted, so we would be missing some information. So are the coaches really using this information, or is it just good enough to get on their "interested" list without having all the information in the form? A sophomore may not have all the information. So if it is just a way to get on their mailing list, I would like to know that. Thanks.
Just as you would include basic information on your individual student-athlete lacrosse profile such as GPA, Board Scores, and Academic Honors in addition to your Athletic information, the college form is looking to collect as much similar information on-line as possible to neatly file into a backend database.

If your student-athlete has not yet sat for the SAT I or ACT, you are best served leaving those fields blank. In particular, sophomores are known not to have taken their boards as yet, so this will not be a problem. You can include the PSAT/NMSQT or PLAN pretest scores on your profile in order to offer that information to the coach.

Always provide a direct e-mail to the coach including your player profile that indicates interest from the student-athlete regardless of their academic year. Coaches will often track players who have expressed interest in their collegiate programs so it is best to open the discussion early.

As a sophomore, the college coach will not be able to directly contact you in response, however, subsequent invitations to the coach to watch your student-athlete in upcoming showcases will be better recognized as a result.