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Latest Duke commit is a 2017 with a Bday of January 1996. No complaining here but that's just outright absurd. He will be 18 in January and my son hasn't turned 15 yet. You see nothing wrong with this Mr. Maryland dad?

As a MD Dad with a 2017 who just turned 15 two months ago, I agree in principle. We can spend another 6 months on a thread complaining about it to no avail. Here is one thing I would say. My son wanted to be on the varsity field as a 9th grader, and he made it. They all want that, which means getting out there with kids who are seniors at least 3 years older. But for club play many this holy alliance they need to be in the same 12 month window. I'm fine with that. So why doesn't US lacrosse say that club play must be age based? Canadian box is. U-17, U-16, etc. That still does nothing to fix there being no rule against 16-18 year old HS freshman players. I wonder why the college coaches do not see a 16-17 year old freshman as "soft" or "asterisk" if after some diligence I learned that he did 8th grade over and/or 9th grade over to get over the hump to be recruited. That weakness and coping never leaves a kid I think...a lot of these reclassified kids will feel all alone without their Dad and club owner fixing it every time it didn't go great for them.