Ohhhh, lawdy me. Short and fat and Italian does describes a certain portion of the melting pot that is known as Long Island. I do wish that more of us LI Dad's had the money you DC guys do. If we did we could spend 40 grand to send our Toppers and Biff's to Landon or Georgetown Prep. Golly. You DC fellas really have it all figured out.

But, the article does state that half of the athletes are re-classified. I mean us LIer's with our public school educations can read--even if we are fat and short. Perhaps, you and your little fellas should spend their time and money on tutors.

So, do ya think that the re-classification really helps that much? It has been reported that 14% of all D1 lacrosse players hail from the beautiful shores and bustling strip malls of Long Island. Cheat on my friend. Cheat on. And, if me or any of my short and fat LI lax dads meet you at a tournament, I will hold you down as my short, fat Italian/Irish/(fill in the ethnicity here) kick your wanna be white shoe teeth in. Salut!https://www.backofthecage.com/images/icons/default_dark/thumbs_up.gif