A little history about GC moving kids up to varsity. First off as soon as the test results and acceptance letters come out for the Catholic schools the Coaches in GC get to work. They have meetings, make phone calls, visit families houses to convince them to stay at GC HS. They make sure the other kids are in their ears all day every day telling them to stay. They go as far as offering to move them up for football and lacrosse. For every Sullivan there is 5 - 7 kids who got caught up in the bull from the GC coaches and stayed. Once the school year starts you are stuck there is not transferring into Chaminade after freshmen year. Once that happens then all of a sudden there is another meeting where they are told your son is not ready and needs a little more time to develope so we are going to keep him with his grade and watch him closely. Correct me if I am wrong if you get moved up you have to play at least once in a game. Is that correct?? Funny thing is if you decide to attend Chaminade and after a year you decide it is not for you your fallback is GC HS not a bad place to fall. James Sullivan very very good player great supportive family a great success story. Harvard education tops. Unfortunately he will dissappear since they are the redheaded step child of the IVY'S and will never beat the boys above them.