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My daughter is interested in lax at William and Mary-and possibly schools similar to this - this looks like a school that is geared more towards Academics than athletics - any idea how the Recruiting process works at a school like this? We have looked at the website that's as far as we have gotten - thank u for any insight!!!
William and Mary is absolutely an academically focused institution, noted for their classroom rather than athletic field teams. There will likely be nothing unique about the W&M recruiting cycle compared with other institutions.

There are several ways to gain some insight to their recruiting plans. The obvious solution would be to speak with the recruiting coach or anyone on the coaching staff (Fratzke, Mathews, or Teeters). The problem you will face is that this is the first year at W&M for all three of these coaches so remember that they have not even gone through their own first recruiting cycle as yet. (The head coach accepted the position in July 2013 with assistants named in August and September.)

In a case like this, your daughter is strongly encouraged to contact girls on the roster from the local area (NY, NJ, or your local area) who might be willing to share details - while most easily done during an on-site visit, your daughter might be able to strike up a discussion over Facebook or similar.