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Chaminade is in it's own league. Some of these comments made comparing CHS to public school is silly. Just take grades for instance. Thousands of kids take the co-op test. CHS accepts a certain amount and aims for registration of 400 to 500 depending on the year. 2017 current freshman have over 500 in its class. So with this super selective process I think we can deduct that these kids are the brightest from their respective districts. I am also confident that when my son applies to college along with his gpa will be a school profile that speaks for itself. No AP's, no intel, no problem.
The student body is comprised of ALL types of districts from LI and even NJ, not just the best districts. So there is also a diversity among the student body.
Btw, these are facts and not my opinion.

Rich kids from the tri-state equal diversity?? A smart kid will excel and shine in any district. Having the opportunity to take AP classes in HS is huge; it can help gain admission to the super selective, as well as save money on tuition. Achieving honors in prestigious competitions can be a stepping stone into highly sought after placements in college research labs. Take districts such as Jericho, Cold Spring Harbor, and Commack, look at their statistics and you will see that the real facts don't lie. Public can be just as good, if not better than private. You are lucky that the private schools are only taking the brightest, that way when they have uncertified teachers teaching their classes, they will be able to learn on their own.

Best teachers? If you do not think that the kids in the top performing public schools are not getting extra help from involved parents and private tutors you have your head in the sand.

Lets have the teachers from Jericho, Cold Spring Harbor and Commack trade places with the teachers from the bottom three public districts and see what happens.

At least they are certified (passed qualifying exam, and are mandated to take additional course work)to teach their subjects, and are held accountable for their results!!