Interesting analysis, but, again, not a real consequence of the proposal to limit youth to age and HS to 4 yrs as a way of discouraging reclassers.
For me, it comes down to opportunity. Lax is a non-revenue sport at the collegiate level, particularly D1. There's not, and will not be in the near future, the $$ that exists in football and basketball. As such, redshirting and generous scholarships are the exception. In general, this is true of all non-revenue sports. Because of early recruiting, the PG year provides an opportunity to those late bloomers that doesn't otherwise exist.
The opportunity to gain admission to a quality university, defray some of the costs while working toward a goal, learning to compete and having fun are worthwhile pursuits in my book.
I believe my son will prevail on a level paying field. As it is, in the current D1 recruiting environment, that field is not level.
You can play a revenue sport instead, work within the realities of the current lax system, or try to effect change. As the parent of a 7th grader facing the real prospect of competing with reclassed kid for these precious opportunities, I would like to see change. I would like to build consensus on Boards like this to begin making a difference.
All Said, I welcome criticism, comment or friendly amendments.
Absent real change, "beating them" as it would be, I might just "join 'em" by reclassing my son too!

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My point is that all those measures will even the playing field for entering freshman in high school. Just be careful what you wish for. Just remember that for those with late birthdays that fall AFTER they enter high school, let's say Aug-Nov, they will be a 17 yr old college freshman. College coaches will bypass the 13/14 yr old h.s. freshman when they become seniors all day long. We will hear more of "we're interested but you're just too young, do a pg yr and the spot is yours".

So in other words, because the scholarship money in D1 lacrosse is so low, coaches don't want to tie up money for 5 years like in football. Lacrosse coaches want manic lacrosse parents to pay for a redshirt year at a prep school. One way is to repeat 8th grade or 9th grade, another way is do a PG year.

Maybe the college coaches are reading this thread and laughing at us, the outrage over kids repeating grades and all. We are basically underwriting their unwillingness to redshirt kids like in football for the same reason...they want kids on the weights and more physically mature for the 4 years they play. Has anyone asked a college coach for their son this: "He is a good student, so there is not an academic reason to do this. Will you take him and designate him as a redshirt freshman when he arrives?" Now here is the test: if your kid really is a very special lacrosse prodigy, who has the leverage? I have to admit, didn't occur to me until reading the latest thoughtful comments including the one above.

We're idiots.