I don't understand your point. Reading through these threads, most posters are upset with reclassed 16yo competing with 14 yo son for an opportunity to play D1 lacrosse. Me too. Frankly, the system as it is rewards the older, reclassed kid with little downside other than cost. Enforcing age restrictions at the youth level, thereby forcing older kids to play out of class, makes kindergarten holdbacks a little more painful-no friends on team, car pools for Mom, or social hour with fellow parents at tourneys. 4yr HS restriction would curb reclassers by forcing another year of youth ball. Choosing 2-3 practices a week and higher costs for a year of physical growth over 5 practices, better competition and coaching becomes a much more difficult decision.

It is not perfect, but it would be a start.

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I read in another thread where the [lacrosse]'s Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions is requiring birth certificates to enforce age restrictions. Couple youth age restrictions with 4yr limitations for HS players and you will go a long way toward resolving reclassing issues.

It would neither prevent the kindergarten holdbacks, nor the 8th grade reclassers, but it would eliminate some advantages. Right now, an old 4th grader would still play with his classmates. Age restrictions would force him to play with the 5th grade teams. Additionally, many reclassed 8th graders play JV (or varsity) to continue their development. If these players were forced to play another year of youth, it would make this a less attractive option.

In the end, it really won't matter as far a recruiting goes because at the college level the coaches are still going to recruit the oldest players for their freshman class. Additionally, I will predict there will be more red shirts and pgs like the old days. It's not like the top colleges will fill their freshman classes with younger kids. They'll just say we want you if you pg.