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The Showcase Teams will be a public school only function that the Nassau and Suffolk Public schools ooaches are arranging.

This should have been clear from the beginning to anyone that read the sign up papers. Last year, rather than have separate tryouts for the showcase teams, evaluations were done during the Empire tryouts.

Empire tryouts were open to everyone, but the private school kids were only being evaluated for Empire team and this should have been clear from the beginning.

The Showcase is an invitational event. So, the Nassau/Suffolk public school showcase will have its own tryouts this year since there are no Empires.

Last year, it was MANDATORY to attend the Empire tryout to be considered for the Showcase team. The big conflict last year that fueled most of the conspiracies was that the Empire second round, which was mandatory for Rising Juniors and Seniors Suffolk Showcase kids, was held on the same night as the Under Armour tryouts. So the Rising Juniors and Seniors in Suffolk county could not attend Under Armour tryouts, which many of them had paid for in advance.

Under Armour changed the dates after the Empire tryouts were scheduled.

Can uou be eligible if you are a rising freshman in summer?
Who selects players? Varsity coaches?