(as opposed to only accepted players picking up the cost) has also been cited as a reason for these tryout fees.
If you do the simple math 900 participants for a weekend x $50.00 = $45,000.00 looks like a potential profit. Did the cost of the clubs go up or down? UP As a consumer are you getting less for your money? Helmets, gloves, bags etc...
In my opinion we are getting less and paying more.

Are you comfortable with tryout fees? No, just like I'm not comfortable paying taxes. I think in order to cover costs $25.00 is probably more than enough. We do not need pinnies, they should have gatorade for the kids instead.

Would you consider more clubs and tryouts if the fees were lowered? I would have to say yes. I would also have to admit that if at the end of a tryout he was told he made it, that would probably be the team we went with. Than there would be no need for another tryout.

What services do you expect as a result of attending a tryout? I expect my son to be fairly evaluated. I would also like to have a copy of that evaluation so that he knows what he needs to work on, what are his weaknesses and strengths.

Do you think there should be more transparancy in the selection process?Absolutely, if there are only 5 spots on a particular team than let me know that. If you have told 10 kids they have a spot but at the tryouts you tell us there are 20 spots than we are getting lied too. Just tell us, I think most parents understand that all 20 spots are not open for a particular team.

As long as we continue to bring our kids to theses tryouts they will continue to hold them and charge us. Most likely, more than the year before.
The town team is a lot cheaper and no tryouts. Your son than has to play with the coaches son and a host of other kids that cannot catch and throw. To me the xtra money that I'm spending is worth getting away from little Johnny and his dad(Super Coach) In order to give my son the ability to play with kids that are just as good and hopefully better than he is.