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Two and half months until the start of the MIAA season. Per usual, its a 4 team marathon to stay healthy. Seniors and a 1 star player make all the difference. Advantage BL, McD, CHC, and ABS. Loyola, StM, Severn wont be able to score. StP and Gilman dont have depth or stars. JC and StJ are important to help develop a bench.

BL and CHC have the two best players that can take over a game. McD best player isnt great just really good- in practice and on instagram. ABS has the lefty middie who can flat out fly around the field and score. The rest of the players in league are great in their own right and we shall see who can step it up.

This is one of those years like 19 where one team is going to be very special.

Spalding is the Front Runner, with BL, McD and CH roaming close by, Next Group Loy,StM,Gil,StP , then the rest who should be in B .