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Predators will be AAA by Summer and contending for being one of better AAA by summer end.

I think if they keep their “alignment” with St Paul’s, they will eventually get better.
It appears they are aligned with St Paul's and McDonogh now.
I heard some boys are heading over to bakerfield BL and St Pats

They have boys from all over, The coaches are were largely St Paul's and Towson U.
Now MCD people have recently gotten involved on the admin and coaching side.

Cream rises to the top. Predators will be a top Club within a year. Talk of Baltimore and MIAA

Feel bad for these kids. Parents probably harping, “winning isn’t everything, boys.”

Disbanded in a year

OUCH ! Didnt get an invite to join Predators. No reason to lash out. I know its tough on you and junior, there is always next year. Look forward, not backward.