holdback discussion infinite loop:

Parents of on age kids who aren’t quite good enough to start but can play at the elite level against holdbacks—>>> moderately complain but understand that’s the way it is and generally keep it moving.

Parents of on age kids who are able to play and start against holdbacks —>> also understand it stinks but it’s generally realize in 4 years their sons will be a level above the holdbacks anyway.

Parents of holdbacks who are killing it at the elite level —>> hit the wall, play soccer, check the rankings we rule!

Parents of holdbacks who are riding the bench —>> generally silent as they quietly know their sons are going to constantly stay on the bubble to be cut every season from here on out.

Parents of AAA kids who are hovering around elite - generally the most vitriol. Feels that if there were no holdbacks taking their kids place theyd be where they want to be. This crew is TOXIC.

Parents of on age kids who are not very good at all —>> usually the loudest and somehow equate other older kids as being the reason their son isn’t a better player. That has nothing to do with anything but when your looking for an excuse - blame holdbacks.

Parents of kids playing and contributing somewhere around AA ball —>> generally seem to have the most fun just watching their sons play where they are.