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Yes school and your career path academically first then to choose your school based on lacrosse program or conference or record.
Seen to many talented players either drop out or get a liberal arts degree in no particular field of endeavor.

I don't think too many people pick a school based primarily on the lacrosse program or the conference or the record. Most use lacrosse to help get into a school that is the best overall fit. Most take into account academics, overall college experience, cost, location, lacrosse etc... very few prioritize lacrosse.

I assume when you say "drop out" you are saying they stop playing lacrosse and not that they "drop out" of school. I do not think that there are too many players that stop playing and I would like to believe that very few drop out of school all together. As far as pursuing a degree "in no particular field of endeavor" such as a "Liberal Arts Degree" to each her own, some of the most successful people I know graduated with some form of Liberal Arts Degree.

One of unique and great things about women's lacrosse is all of the opportunity it provides for young women.