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Hope the World Series tournament somehow survives. Gives kids and teams a big goal to work toward and a great experience.

Also like the age aspect of the tournament to try and keep a level playing field. Opportunity still remains for improving and clarifying super team prevention policy.

One suggestion to improve roster policy could be that players must have played in x tournaments with the team within x months prior to roster submission, by say December 1st. Not sure how you work around injuries and players moving after December 1st., but policy around this needs to be clear too.

Most importantly, to keep the integrity of the tournament, enforcement of age, roster, and super team prevention policies in place should be the highest priority.

It's a huge waste of money.

Sour grapes much? It’s the only age based tournament this sport has and though there are some flaws, it was an amazing experience for my son.

Good for you preppy boy. Some people don't have the money.

You first say waste of money and then don’t have the money. Both of which are debatable.

Can you add more context about your personal and financial situation? Without seeing your financial situation, it’s quite possible you prioritize your eating and drinking over your kids experiences. (Tongue in cheek)

To each their own as to how they earn and spend.