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blue claws is good but not great id say from the perscptive cant wait for spirng bethesda on the rise ML on the down fall NL on the rise
hawks staying the same. LI express chucks overall this age group is going to have alot of D1 athletes even on some of these B teams

Classic line “ML on the down.” Lost one game at full strength over their last 30 or so, and it was to NL in OT when they couldn’t win a FO. But yeah, assume they’re down when you get them at HOCO. Hope that works out for you.

Here comes the “what about the Express North game?” They were missing 5 starters including their FO and starting poles. Had kids up from their DMV team. They beat Express North 9-2 this summer when they were full strength.

Really hope BLC is truly on the rise, they’re great kids and it’s great for the HoCo league if they can get there. Hawks are fantastic, and will only get better as they grab a player or two from these other programs. It’s an awesome division, and we are lucky to have HoCo to get ready for summer events.