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In reference to this excerpt from the HHH marketing agent..."especially if they shorten their bench and not play everyone with equal time."

I think every town team holds the same belief. There are only a few towns that put forth tournament teams comprised of a much shorter roster of their best players.

At this stage, top town teams have 5+ A team travel players. Manhasset is the anomaly as they have a full team of Express/Venom players (12ish) and basically garbage on everyone else from the town. PAL is a joke - you have Bobby who normally plays baseball trying out Fogo or Goalie for the first time. The town tournaments are fun because you have the teams coming out to play seriously. However, I think Manhasset is the only town still fielding their star team. All the other towns have started to focus on middle school and travel. Do RVC Futures, Rams, Harvey’s, Bulls even practice any longer?