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I totally agree. These people should be called out. Parents should be contacting US Lacrosse to complain about this. Are we just going to wait until someone gets permanently injured?

US lacrosse is a joke! They talk about fair play, filing up kids emotional tanks, 5 positives for every 1 negative. (Yes, I’ve taken the Us lacrosse coaches training many times)
Their answer is unless it’s a US lacrosse event they have no say in grade year vs birth year. Now, I’ve been involved for nearly 10 years, from town lacrosse to club and I’ve never been to a US lacrosse sponsored event. I have even reached out to US lacrosse CEO Marc Raccio to have a discussion. If other parents feel strongly about it I suggest contacting him as well; mriccio@uslacrosse.com 410 235 6882 ext 101