What Types of Questions Can I Expect from a Recruiting Coach?

Just as a student-athlete wants to know more about a prospective college or university, the lacrosse recruiting coach will also want to get to know the student-athlete as a person. When an official or unofficial visit takes place, there can often be a meeting with the lacrosse coaching staff on campus. Once the greetings are completed, the student-athlete is effectively "on parade" at that point, just as one might be at a college showcase. The recruiting coach is looking for your knowledge about their program, the school, your alignment to the school's program, and your maturity.

We have collected a few questions that you might find useful in preparing for that first conversation with the head or recruiting coach. We have included some ideas that you might find useful in your responses. Again, the conversation should be true to the student-athlete's own personal beliefs, however balancing all of the parameters during the interview will be the challenge.

Some selected questions taken from college interviews follow.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?
Without showing yourself as a star, be sure to underscore your skill sets in the context of the team environment. Be honest about your own weaknesses and show a willingness to learn, improve, and adapt as the system requires.

“Have you ever seen us play?
If possible, be sure to have knowledge about the team's roster and some knowledge about their overall performance. If the visit is taking place during the season, you should be well versed on the action over the past couple of weeks to show that you are truly "plugged-in" to the program. If you have not seen the team play as yet, that should be part of your campus visit, so schedule accordingly.

Have you seen any college team play from our Division?
Not only should you have knowledge of the commitment required from Division I, II, and III programs, you should be able to have an idea about the overall competition level. Occasionally, coaches will ask this question to see if you are interested in other cohort universities. Being honest about your selection process is fine however if you are visiting this particular school as a top choice university, be sure to guide the discussion in that direction.

How would you feel if you were not receiving much playing time?
Big fish, small pond ... or Small fish, big ocean. Where are you more comfortable? You should likely have given this question a great deal of thought before visiting the particular campus and coach, however this is a reminder to give thought to what you see your role as being in the freshman and sophomore seasons. Be aware as to how large the roster might be and how many seniors might be rotating out of the program as you are arriving.

What position do you play?
Flexibility is the key here - it is a deadly sin not to show adaptability as an incoming freshman. You can be honest about your strengths and comfort zones, but understand that the more "specialization" that you express, the more difficult it will be for the coach to see you in multiple roles. Often, you will be able to highlight playing one position for your club team and another for your school team.

What are your goals and interests academically?
Beyond all else, remember that college, particularly for lacrosse, is about gaining your degree. Be sure that your academic program of interest is aligned with the university's offerings.