Attending AS and was at UA last year. I think AS makes more sense since coaches recruit by graduation year. This year coaches needed to see the 2023's. How many 23's would be on the Highlight rosters. The same holds true for the 24’s next year. The decision to do AS was difficult because it was new. For our region, the top players came to the AS tryout and filled the roster so it made the decision easier. There are still many excellent players doing UA but seems 23 the rosters were more impressive for 23, 24, & 25 at AS. Went over to watch several 23 games in between my daughter's games and the competition and coach turnout was excellent. We did UA last year but it was regional and coaches could not be in attendance. I cannot speak on the UA tournament with all regions together to be fully honest. I’m sure the senior game will be fun to watch. We will come out for AS again next year for the reasons listed above. My only recommendation would be that next year they give the girls more swag. Girls get a lot of stuff at UA 150 for a similar cost. This was the first year for AS with many start-up costs, so hoping if my daughter makes it again, they get some good gear! A Nike Senior game would be cool as well, but that may be in the works as it makes sense.