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They said if WI fans didn't leave the stands they would be escorted out. They told WI fans to go to the opposite side of the field (away from SWR players) to the left of the main stands. Most were standing next to the home team stands to avoid any conflict with SWR fans. They said the loud cheering was disruptive to their team. For some reason SWR players were on the same side as WI players. Usually on opposite sides of the field from each other. Just to be clear, SWR is an absolutely incredible team. Played a great game. SWR fans, parents, family were also great. No issues. But asking WI fans to leave the way they did was really sad. There were only a handful of WI fans anyway. Very strange.

Must've been the first lacrosse game you've ever watched. Players are always along the same sideline, split by the midfield line. The lone substitution box is there.
Lacrosse, teams are never on opposite sidelines.... NEVER