Curious for some thoughts on this. Know a couple families that are doing club only, not playing on town teams this spring. Considering it for next year, as PAL getting to be a time stink with little benefit. It's extra practices and games to run around to. Our team isn't competitive, playing time is equal regardless of skill level or attendance to practice. Coaches are just local dads, some without any playing experience, who don't seem to be concerned with being competitive. There's no fire or emotion from the coaches, kids always come out very flat. Only a couple kids playing club, most are more concerned with travel soccer. Get lit up every game. Better players are constantly being taken off the field when games are still in reach. A big deal is made about scoring a goal in garbage time when the opponent is obviously in prevent mode. It is a good life lesson in learning to lose, but at the same time it is turning into a bad life lesson w/ the team being complacent with losing. Probably won't do it, but just something we are thinking about.