If MG loses and fails to make adjustments, then she is
out coaches. It happens to the best of coaches to get out coached. Even professional coaches admit when it happens.

To answer the GCS coach or parent that keeps asking:

1. SPSG lost the first 3 draws and then made adjustments to win draw. That is 1st example.

2. GCS couldn’t contain SPSG offensive threats. It’s called face guarding. That is 2nd example.

3. GCS runs same offense over and over. Leads to missed opportunities. Defense figure out that one girl feeds from X. That is the 3rd example.

4. If the game is getting away, substitution of players might be an option. Keeping same girls on the field when it’s not working is a recipe for disaster. That is 4th example.

Sorry coach BR, you didn’t have your best game in the coaching box.