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SPSG mom/dad or not, it is an accurate analysis of the game and the teams. GCS is a talented team, individually. SPSG completely dominated and out-coached.
This has to be the year for SPSG right? After this loaded 21 class where MG brought in most of her club, they will be back down to where they have been the past 4 years, middle of the pack in IAAM. Looks like most of their scorers for SPSG were seniors.

Lets be honest. SPSG has been a middle of the road team the past 5 years. Were they outcoached those years? Since 2017 (the year GCS came into the IAAM "A" Conference) Here are the top teams by conf record (Win/Loss). Not counting this year
McD- 37-0
Spalding- 26-11
SPSG- 19-18

I guess MG just learned to coach this year and the GCS coach forgot??