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Recruiting in 9th / 10th grade. Its the parents, mostly the fathers, who are crazy about seeing their son become some type of star. The fathers are reaching out to schools and coaches, pushing to get their sons on top travel teams and trying to make sure their sons are on select teams or make all star games, etc. Then the really crazy fathers.....they are still coaching their son's travel teams! Making sure their kid is playing attack, scoring goals, on man up, etc. You'll notice you rarely see the travel team's son playing defense or goalie. That basically sums up 9th / 10th grade "recruiting". Relax...let your kid play lacrosse and other sports, focus on the grades. It will all work out...

How do I get him on the Duke lacrosse team? If he has good grades does that get him on the team?

You keep reclassing until he is RANKED #1 in the grade then SEPT 1 wait for all the calls to pour in.