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How about McDonagh beating the Stone Ridge team
11/10 in OT. A round of applause for the homer stripes.
SR down a man for much of the 4th and down 2 in OT. Would not have been close in a neutral. Give #34 a whistle as she was calling the game for the stripes. What a joke. Overrated!!!

Agreed. They escaped with help from the stripes. I see them losing 2-3 games in the IAAM.... to SPG, NDP, and possibly GCS.
read the Sun article on this game. No mention of Stone Ridge playing down 1 for the last 6 minutes and down 2 for OT. You would think McD just pulled off the great upset. The way the Sun drools over McD and SPSG you would never know there are 12 other IAAM teams