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Why make a comment like this. It’s so condescending
It’s a typical IAMM parent comment.

[quote=Anonymous]Don't really know many of the players but looking on IL the team may have a good amount of commits but they aren't really to many top programs. One to MD, one to VT, Louisville, Yale, Delaware, high point, William and Mary, VCU and Tampa. If you compare that to commits of McD, SPSG, NDP and even Bryn Mawr and Maryvale it's not really a surprise they're struggling.

60% of the girls in IAMM are playing for Mommy and Daddy. I’m an IAMM parent for full disclosure. I won’t quote higher but these girls eat, sleep, and breath lacrosse. It get to be a bore after a while. I’m not going to have her spend her lunch hour outside throwing wall ball. She needs to work on her social skills and dream about life and not 5am workouts Into her junior year at Univ of ABC. What got me to here is watching these parents usher their kids through this process. The competitiveness for sure, but then there was the tight-lipped sneakiness. Showing up to camps, playdays, and tryouts without letting others on the club or school know about it. The uber-creative accolades. Just kind of sad. It’s ok to send your daughter to Tampa or Louisville. Great weather and great social life! William and Mary is beautiful and knee-deep than anyone else in history and is close(-er) to the beach. She can become a veterinarian at VT! (If her coach allows...)