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Coach not playing to win is the problem. There are college commits who have yet to see the field but the freshmen play a lot. Integrity freshmen. Serving the coach’s self interest is the game plan. As a parent it is maddening but my daughter is almost out of there and we are ready. We are looking forward to college lacrosse.[/quote]

If you are committed that means you are entitled to PT, thought that was something earned? Those same committed girls may never see the field in college.[/quote]

Absolutely PT is earned. My daughter is playing a lot and has earned her PT but I also know the girls sitting on the sideline and they have earned their PT too. I know their work ethic and their skills. I’ve watched them play for years. When young players are making multiple errors on the field and not getting the job done they need to be removed from the field. There is a talented bench to pull from and this isn’t happening and it’s very frustrating to witness. Especially when you know there is a self interest reason why the coach is playing who she is playing. We have never had this many freshmen/sophomores on varsity. We have a large senior class. There is no valid reason. These coaching decisions are reflected in our results so far this year and I’m disappointed for our girls who have worked very hard the last 4 years.