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I have a son going to a Catholic school next year. He's on an Express team but not the A team. Do these B team kids sit the bench or are they getting playing time at the Catholic schools?

At Chaminade, except for games against Darien / St. Anthony's, etc., for the JV-B (freshman) team it usually works like this -

Starters (top two middie lines) - first half
Second group - third quarter
Third/fourth groups - split the fourth quarter

There will be movement within these groups based on injuries, performance, etc. If your boy ends up in one of the first two groups by the end of the season, he will probably be invited to Express A next summer as the roster grows to 30.

Definitely check out the history of the Express B, 91B Etc. Over the years there are very few division one college commits. In fact most of them do not commit anywhere or commits to colleges people never even heard of. Much better off not playing for the big organization B team and playing elsewhere. Also playing for Express B does not necessarily get your kid playing time on the varsity team but definitely gets a kid a better chance of making the team.