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Choose one or the other Showtime first and then Juniors Open. Don't get all hyped about he jersey they send you. Too much lacrosse to choose from and yes, no legs left. Or wrists if your a FOGO.

We do not live in a traditional lacrosse town. My older one did not play for one of the top club teams. Somehow got into showtime and did so well he was an automatic invite the following years. September 1 junior year had so many D1 coaches who called him. At personal visits to colleges we always asked the coaches where they saw him compete. Each coach said Showtime. Of course there were others places he was seen too, but 20 plus d1 programs said they saw him at Showtime. Anyone who has an invite to Showtime needs to make sure they attend and be as rested as much as possible. Nothing compare to Showtime for recruiting.