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Oh. And yes, before the reply posts start, I am a parent. However, I actually player semi-pro baseball, so before the posts come about me being a dad and their kid not playing, it has nothing to do with that. I actually made it to the next level after high school and college. And yes, my daughter is on varsity.

It amazes me how adults can’t lift kids up, cheer for them, but rather post this team or that team should or could be #1 if this or that happened. Or that 3 years ago there was a JV and that’s why all the kids made varsity. WHO CARES

Take it from a someone that put in the time and effort, when it’s over, you remember the companionship of teammates and the support of your family. Yes, it’s great to win, but not at the expense of vilification of an opponent. Try to remember that next time you post. If you don’t think your daughter is watching you and your actions, then you have completely missed the boat.

Thanks Jackie Moon!!

So people should only post about how great it is that the kids are playing and how they hugged their daughter after a fair contest between two great teams? Not really the point of the site. Some of the vitriol is definitely over the top but there’s nothing wrong with people arguing which team is better. As lobbyists as individual girls aren’t called out in a negative way. That crosses the line.