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Every year people are on here talking about how great GCS is going to be. I remember when the 2021s got there and people were on here talking about how great the 2021 class was at GCS. Now there are only 5 2021s on the team and only a couple of them play a lot. They didn't even have a JV team so of course a ton of the 2022s were on varsity as freshmen.

GCS has finished in the top 3 of the A conference for past 3 years and lost by a goal in the semis the past 2 years. There are actually only 4 seniors and all of them have played a significant amount, all 4 are committed to play in college. With a solid group of 22s (11 college commits??) I think its safe to say they will be strong this year and next. SPSG and McD are probably the 2 teams to beat but GCS should be right there.