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SPSGs, Maryvale GCS and BM (maybe).
Then McD and NDP
And then the rest...

That's just silly. There's no way Maryvale, GCS or BM are better than McD or NDP.

SPSG and NDP are the most experienced teams with a lot of seniors that have already played a lot of games in the IAAM. BM may be 3rd in that category. Most the other schools hardly have any girls that have even played much meaningful time in an IAAM game. McD and GCS have good junior classes but most of them didn't play much as freshman as the 2020 classes at both schools was loaded.
this is the densest statement i have seen on this page in quite a while. most of the GCS juniors had a playing time as freshmen. 2 even started the entire year. There are several McD juniors that also played a lot as freshmen.