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The worst part about Juniors open is that it’s June 19-20, and Showtime is June 21-23. If your invited to both, your son might have no legs by day 2 of Showtime. And IMO, you want to be at your best at Showtime. All of these showcases are too close together, and these kids are going to look like trash trying to fit in 27 days of tourneys and showcases in July. As for these showcases being easy to get into, if you are a non-East coast player it’s difficult. It helps to have the right connection too s and good film. But none of these are easy to get into at all.

Showtime is the most important showcase to attend and be at your best. Since it’s inception they have a 99% division one offer rate. That means that 99% of the people who attended Showtime had Division I offers. 100% of the kids who played in the all star game had a Division I offer. Every Division I coach is there and every top academic program is there. I would not risk being tired or injury before showtime.