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Agree, these lists are 90% ego (clubs, kids, HS). Since you have been there can you shed some light on 1. How do you get invited to those showcases without being in a top club? 2. What kind of indications did you get from these schools before Sept. 1st? 3. What were his grades like? That alone can be the game-changer. TIA

Not the original poster but my older guy played on a top club and they got him in. all the top showcases have kids from all over not just the top club Have your club/HS coach make the call. Highlight film is always good. Between both club and HS coach they should be able to recommend the appropriate showcases based on your sons level. Black card, Maverick and D1 showcase by CB Laxers are all very good. There are so many.
Also prospect days are important. Before you go to a prospect day, make sure you fill out the online questionnaire from the school and follow up with emails and Video Your son should be sending the emails not the parent. Make sure you include GPA and anything else related to grades such national honor society. Or honor roll etc. they care very much about grades. Include why you want to attend the school. Do not put because of lacrosse. Talk about what you want in your future/ career.
Good luck and stay positive. Don’t let him get discouraged if he does not hear back from his first or second choice. Have multiple schools to choose from.