We got great film from our stint at UA 150. My daughter is a defensive middie and some of these girls were like putty in her hands. She got very good film from this tournament because of it. Note that some of these girls were like fish out of water back in the "Big East".
The selection of players seemed very random though. Lots of flyover country girls. There was a good sprinkling of girls from all clubs, not overloaded with one club and it seemed the organizers did not let that happen - that means some SW and M&D girls probably were turned away.
They got over 1500 submissions this year and with Covid, building accolades has been difficult so I think thats why so many girls applied this year. Its all about building your recruit profile so you need as many accolades as possible. Just like the person said about the 22's--- recruited all on film.
I say if you get the chance - do it. Its during the week, you get lots of film, and great swag.