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Does anyone know how Under Armour 150 selects the players? How important is their game video submission? Do they only take so many from each club/team? And for folks who have been to the event in the past - is it a good one to go to? Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe the event is very selective, offers are sent to most club players.
The value of any film is currently very high.. the entire 2022 class was selected based on film. The more film you can have at your disposal will be a bonus. If things return to 2019 and coaches are roaming events again, the value of film will be decreased, it’s never unless tho.
The only negative to this type of event is you will be placed on a random team with disparate skill levels. If you’re on a weak team and play attack the ball may never get to your end, same with goalie or defense on a stronger team.
Like any event, if it fits in your schedule and you can afford, it’s worth going too.