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You should be selected for UA for everything you do in HS and club. Still be some politics but you telling me a kid who scores 50 in conf 1 and is a top player in club has a bad tryout should be cut based off tryout then you don’t want to win the tourney.
Just like USA hockey or hoops. they pick the best talent. they know who the best girls are going into tryouts and that’s why people say maybe 3-5 spots are open.

The above statement is absurd. If you're just going to pick girls who someone considers the top players then why even have tryouts ? Instead of Under Armor 150 - just

do an Under Armor top 25 and make it invite only. You're either invited or you're not. I'm sure area club coaches could agree on who they think the 25 of the strongest players in an area are. But if you're holding open tryouts that cost $125-$145 per girl then YES it should absolutely be based on the tryouts. If a girl is that good that she's getting "50 in conf 1" then it should show through tryouts. And if that same "50 in conf 1" player has a terrible tryout - then yes she should be cut. That is the purpose of an "open tryout". If it were done your way you would have to hold tryouts that were called "the first 18 spots of the roster are pre-decided and all 50 of you remaining girls can vie for 7 spots" tryouts. They would not be able to continue to attract girls to tryouts or girls would look for other events to go to - which is EXACTLY what is happening with American Select. Lord - People who make statements like the one above are the reason parents are on here complaining about tryouts being biased.[/quote]

Because the $$$$$ is in the tryout fee.
And 120 parents think that maybe their Katie can grab one of those 3-5 spots. Now that’s the truth and the best part is it’s up to you whether you think $150 is worth that shot. Unless of course your kid scored 57 for McDonough last spring then you are a lock.